Spam Comments

I’m sick of getting all of these comments that are spam, most of them are inappropriate and plain messed up. Some of them are okay, but they are well-written so they are obviously written by a computer, not a actual person. I hate not being able to understand some of the good comments because I’m not a walking dictionary! If you’re going to comment something that would end up being spam, don’t bother because I barely read them. If you’re an actual person that comments and it isn’t for some messed up website, then it’s all good. But seriously, people/computers that keep on spamming me, you have to stop because I’m not going to go to some sick and twisted website that you want me to. Some people don’t liek that kind of thing, and I am one of those people. So please, if you don’t want me to yell at you, quit spamming because would you want me spamming you? No. So don’t spam me.


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