Music Review; Cher Lloyd

Some of these facts I may not be correct about, if you see an error then be sure to correct it.

-Cher Lloyd, an nineteen year old singer from the UK. She was on The X Factor UK’s seventh season, and placed fourth in 2010. She was signed to Syco, Simon Cowell’s record label. Her first single, “Want U Back” is a different version in the U.S.A than the one in the UK. Her album has already been released in the UK, and her American fans are waiting for her album to come out here in America. Well, if you’re a fan of hers and live in America- buy her album on amazon! I already have her album!  Her album, “Sticks & Stones” is full of catchy songs, that have meaning. There’s a ballad  on it called “Beautiful People” which features Carolina Liar. “Beautiful People” is a song that people can relate to, liking this one person and discovering they were just playing with your heart.

Many of her songs have raps in them, with rappers such as Busta Rhymes, Dot Rotten, and others. Her song “Grow Up” is really fun, as is “Swagger Jagger” and “Playa Boi”. All of her songs are great, and I have to say that Cher is a really great singer & rapper. I’m in love with her song “Superhero” because it’s just really fun to sing. I like Cher and her music, and I can’t wait to here more of it. If you haven’t heard “Want U Back” or don’t have her album, go look up some of her songs I mentioned on youtube! I’m positive that you’ll like her music.


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