~I’m sorry I haven’t been on for a long time! I have school so I’ve been really busy with homework and studying and all that! But I’m back now! So, this music review won’t be extremely descriptive like that last one. So, it’s simply going to just be a music review.~

-Christina Grimmie’s  first album, Find Me, came out a while ago. I love her music, the songs have meaning and are really good. Her song, ‘Ugly’, is catchy and still has true meaning. ‘Not Fragile’ is by far my favorite song because it gives people empowerment and is just an amazing song, that really  shows off her vocal range. ‘Find Me’ is a great song, it’s really fun while not being a song without true meaning. My two best friends and I are actually dancing to it for a talent show our school is doing! If you listen to one of her songs, you’ll want to hear more! If you buy her album, you won’t be disappointed! Her songs can really touch the heart, and open your eyes to different things. If you never heard her music before, get on youtube RIGHT NOW and look up one of her songs I mentioned! She is one of the few youtube stars that will get somewhere in music! Oh, and her cover of ‘Who Says’ by Selena Gomez is simply INCREDIBLE. Just thought to add that part in. 🙂


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