Sorry & Movie Of The Week

When I started the movie of the week, I didn’t realize how often I would be offline from then on…oops! Sorry about that, I’m busy a lot of the time so I can’t always be on every week! It’s not because I’m not grateful for all of my followers, or that I don’t find this fun, or anything like that! I love this blog, and all of you. I promise, I’ll try even harder to be more active!

And now for something you could’ve been waiting for; Movie Of The Week!
This week’s movie would be…Newsies! I love the movie! It’s also been turned into a Broadway musical, but I think the movie is better since it’s the original thing. Well, I haven’t seen the musical, but I bet it’s good but not better than the movie. The movie is pretty much one of those classics nobody has heard about since the world is so modern now, but if you watched it, you’d probably like it. Yes, it is a musical, but it isn’t cheesy or stupid like High School Musical. My choir is actually performing a medley from the movie, and there’s dancing in it too. Last year, the choir sang a song from the movie also. Having it pop up a lot is actually a lot of fun! The songs are much better than what we normally have to sing!


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