My Little Review on Homecoming

So recently I went to my high school’s Homecoming dance. (Yes, I’m a high school fashion blogger that doesn’t spend most of her time on her blog) 

So, I decided to write a little review on it. Here we goo!

The place was PACKED. Massive explosion of people smack in the middle. A few people off to the sides just standing around and watching everybody else have fun with their lives while the people standing off contemplate their lives and wonder where they went wrong. Haha, what? You didn’t read that. So anyway, a couple people stood off to the sides and instead of stalking everyone, they were chatting up a storm with their friends.

I, ever the life of the party, spent the night dancing with my friends and their dates. My guy friend and I hung out the whole time, and surprisingly enough we matched. I wore a navy blue and green dress, he wore a blue shirt and a dark blue tie. So pretty much everybody thought we were together and it left us feeling awkward. Did we let that stop us from enjoying ourselves? No sir! We laughed it off and kept having fun. The last dance was a slow dance, and instead of letting it be awkward trying to weave our way through the couples dancing, he and I decided we would dance together. In retrospect, probably not the best idea if you don’t want people assuming you and your friend are dating when neither one of you have feelings for each other. Insert massive sigh and me shaking my head here.

Anywho, overall, Homecoming was fun for me although my original plan failed.

Curious about the original plan? Haha, of course you aren’t. If you are, then read along, my fellow stalker of people.

My best guy friend and I were going to go together. As friends, of course. You see, his best friend happens to be dead now. Anywho, he got busy and distracted so my friend forgot to buy his ticket. So, he couldn’t go, I was left without someone to go with, and I almost missed out on one of the most spectacular nights of my existence so far. 

There you go. My review for my school’s Homecoming and my really awkward experiences. Woo. Make sure you follow my blog, comment, like, reblog, share it with your friends and try to stalk me and find out where you can find me. Byeee! 🙂


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