New Blogger?

So, now that this blog is more popular than it was 3 years ago, I wanted to know if anybody was interested in becoming my co-blogger? Maybe? No? Yes? Hopefully somebody out there reading this is thinking ‘maybe’ or ‘yes’ because while I love my blog and I love all of my followers, I don’t always have time for blogging about random shit and fashion. That is where the co-blogger would come in. They’d make some polyvore sets or add a couple weheartit photos, or write music reviews and make a movie of the week. If nobody wants to help, that’s fine. I’m just asking so that way, you, the public, the followers, the readers, the fashionistas and fashion misters, will have something other than my last polyvore set and my last post about my Homecoming to stare at. If you would like or love to be my co-blogger, comment on this post, send me a tweet (I think my twitter’s on here…), do something to get my attention on tumblr (which I never go on because it’s linked to here so my life is easier) or I don’t know, become my best friend and tell me in person. I’ve been running a fashion blog for 3 years, my lovely followers, it’s getting a bit tiring.
I love this blog and I love each and every one of you, I do, I truly, absolutely do. I love this blog so much, I’m willing to give up my complete control of it just so you all can have more to look at, to read, and what-not. It’s a sacrifice I’d maybe-possibly-probably-probably-not-sorta-kinda be willing to make.
So yeah, that’s it. I was supposed to get off my laptop like 20 minutes ago but I felt so bad about not posting anything in a such a long while that I just had to write this, plus the other post I posted today as well.
Well, here’s me signing off for the night.
Peace out home-slices! 😉


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