Music Review; Adam Lambert

Okay, okay.. please bare with me as I am not bothering to look up all the information on Adam. Instead, I am going to give a short little review that’s basically be fangirling. I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT. Yes, I know he’s gay. Do I care? HELL NO THIS MAN IS SEXY AND AN INCREDIBLE SINGER. His voice is attractive.. >.< anywho, I absolutely love Adam's music and I really couldn't care less about how he acts, because I love his music way too much to give a crap. Seriously, if I met him I would cry. CRY. I mean like I've met Rachel Crow and Cher Lloyd but I didn't cry. And I adore both of them! So, yeah. Adam is amazing and if you try to tell me otherwise I'mma go all sassy on you. Thank you and have a nice day/night/evening/morning/afternoon 😀


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