As some of us know, that time of year for High School is approaching. Yup, homecoming! Homecoming means the last football game of the season at school, guys asking girls to go to a pretty stupid dance, and tons of girls and guys freaking out.

‘Will I get asked?’

‘Why hasn’t anyone asked me yet?!’

‘I’m not gonna get asked.’

‘I don’t even want to go.’



Yep, that’s pretty much how it goes. Girls are always wondering if they’ll get asked, who will ask them, and if it’s that random really cute guy in their study hall. When girls don’t get asked and they were hoping they would, they typically play it off like they didn’t want to go in the first place. But, it’s a lie! Most (if not all) girls want to get asked to homecoming, and when it doesn’t happen, well, it sucks.

Being a female, I wouldn’t know what goes through a guy’s head. Probably something along the lines of hoping the girl they want to ask is single and isn’t going with someone, hoping the girl will say yes, and maybe even hoping they can actually ask without getting way too nervous. People in relationships are lucky, because they will probably be going together, so there isn’t really any need for freaking out.

With homecoming, comes the looking good part. Girls have to find the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and they just want to look perfect. Girls don’t want to settle for less when they can look like the beauty queen they believe they need to look like. So, typically girls will either be stressing about being asked, or stressing about their outfit.

I can honestly say that being asked is nice, but when it’s not the one person you were hoping, it kind of sucks. This year, I have been asked by 3 guys. They’re all my friends, and they made it clear that we would be going as friends, but I had to turn them all down. Here’s the thing: If you get asked to go as friends, and you say yes, and then the one person you were hoping would ask, asks, what do you do? If you already agreed to go with someone, it’ll look bad to the person you want to go with if you say yes to them. Then there’s the issue of explaining to your friend that you can’t go with them anymore because you want to go with someone else.

The people who choose to go with a group of friends are the best at Homecoming. They aren’t spending the entire night with one specific person, and they are completely up for group dancing. When you have a date and you go with others, you’ll probably get split up from everyone and it’ll just be you and your person. That’s nice, but if you wanted to just be with them, you shouldn’t go through the trouble of getting others to go with also. Going alone with a group of friends is a lot of fun, as long as you make sure you don’t lose people! In a giant room filled with dancing teenagers, losing someone is one of the worst things to do.

So, ladies, if you’re scared nobody will ask you, don’t worry! You will probably be asked! If you aren’t, though, it’s actually just because guys get scared too! I can tell you I didn’t get asked last year, and I found out in February it was because the guy who liked me was nervous and terrified of being rejected.

Gentlemen, or douchebags, if you’ve already asked someone, great! If they said yes, that’s awesome! If they answered no, it really is their loss. If you have enough courage to actually ask someone, that’s saying a lot about you. The guys that are too scared aren’t even going to have the chance to go with the person they wanted to. If you ask, sure, you could get rejected, but you could also land yourself a date to the dance. Do not be too scared, because you’ll regret. You are in high school for a short time, though it seems like forever. While you have the chance, ask someone! Find your next relationship! Find your next best friend! Find the one person you might dislike with all of your being in a few years.

Don’t spend your high school years watching everyone else have fun.


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