Okay, I just need to rant. And people I actually know read my stuff on everywhere else, so I’m going to rant on here. I love reading fanfiction and well, normal stories too, but it really pisses me off when someone decides to make their character have ADHD and make it seem as though people get bullied because of it. Sure, some people may get bullied, but you know what? I have freaking ADD and ADHD and I do NOT get bullied! Literally almost all of my friends have either ADD or ADHD. It’s not that rare! So when someone says their character gets called ‘stupid’ it makes me want to throw a chair at their face BECAUSE THAT ISNT VERY REALISTIC! Sure, some people get bullied because of it because other people are bitches, but a lot of people in the world don’t see it as a learning disability and rather as a thing. There is such a thing as FREAKING MEDICINE TO MAKE YOU FREAKING CONCENTRATE! Honestly, I doubt many people who give their character ADD or ADHD actually have it themselves, because it’s not that rare, there’s medicine to help you concentrate so you don’t fail in school, and we do NOT have to get special learning.

I can tell you:

I am in normal classes. I am in freaking Honors classes for crying out loud!

On the top of my head I can think of 1 person out of my group of close friends (there’s 10 of us, not including me).

It’s not something people actually typically laugh about, as a lot of people have it and most people’s friends have it! If you tease even one person, at least 3 of your friends will be insulted as well.

ADD and ADHD isn’t a big thing as a lot of people have it. I mean, I am not saying almost everyone in my school has it, but there isn’t like 5 or 10 people! There’s probably around 50 or more! I know I sound like a pissy bitch, so sorry, but when you need to rant, you need to rant.


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