So, I didn’t really want to share this with you guys as of my channel will be sucky for the entirety of the universe, but maybe if you guys know it exists I’ll be motiviated or something? I don’t really know. I don’t exactly have a good quality camera, or a tripod, or good lighting, or good ideas but I have a good intention! Sort of… but well, yeah, I have a youtube channel. Though, technically, I have two..

One where I don’t upload anymore videos and it’s just my channel for my geek stuff where I watch videos and comment and stuff. And then the new one where I upload videos (though I have 2 uploaded right now; the third one is taking its time to upload) and where I actually will be doing stuff.

No, neither are for fashion, as I don’t actually have the cutest clothes nor do I actually really care about my clothes. I DRESS FOR COMFORT AND FOR MY NERDYNESS OKAY?! So I will probably never upload a video about clothes or make-up or beauty as I’m a simple (lazy) person.

But I will be uploading videos about things related to life and the internet! Probably going to be filled with babbles and myself never actually getting to the point because I spend 5 minutes repeating things I say trying to get to ONE SIMPLE POINT. It’s not good. My latest video (if it will ever upload) is about my babbling problem.

But, yeah.

Link to actual youtube account for videos and babbling:

Link to my nerd/music/fangirl/youtuber fan youtube:


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